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What Came in the Mail: Gold Birkenstock + My Zalora Experience

I do my shopping at any mall nearby but on days when I’m practically bedridden from laziness, I do bits of shopping online. I’ve had great experiences buying stuff online until recently so… Continue reading

Candy Shoes

What did I tell ya? I told you I’d hunt these babies down as soon as I set foot on the mall right? And I did a fine job too considering the Melissmia… Continue reading

Firing Up My Obsession For Shoes

Y’all know I was a massive shoe and bag whore before all these makeup and skincare thing became a full-blown obsession, right? No? Well, I was! The last pair of shoes I bought… Continue reading

Rolling in Commercialism

So my relentless search for the perfect black and nude flats ended after a quick trip to Payless. Luckily, they just released these lovelies and at PhP600 each, they’re super cheap too! So… Continue reading

Nude Flats

I’d always choose colorful pieces over boring ol’ nude, beige or brown (I fucking hate brown) but matching colorful clothing with my equally colorful collection of shusies, well, it’s a challenge. So, I… Continue reading

The Now

Here’s what I got the boyf for our anniversary. I was somewhat disappointed with the quality of the watch that’s why I also got him a new pair of shoes from Creative Recreation.… Continue reading

Cocoa Crazy

Behold my cocoa Sperrys. I loff it the moment I wore it but my squirming feet can tell it’ll take at least a week to break into. A total opposite of my first… Continue reading

Cocoa Love

I kept lurking around malls for the cocoa Sperry. I’m totally gonna buy a pair in a few days, hahahaha! Adik lang? Also, there’s the boyf caught completely off guard after I surprised… Continue reading

Butter Soft Shusies

Well that was fast. Remember how I kept going on and on about Sperry Top-Siders? Yeah, well, my sister got tired of seeing me Googling Sperry boat shoes all morning and whining over… Continue reading

The Intoxicating Smell of Leather

Jumpstarting my own Sperry collection by buying the boyf a hot new pair of toasted almond-colored top-siders! They’re so cuuute in person! I know it’s weird that I bought the boyf Sperrys when… Continue reading


I’ve taken a liking for classic Sperry boat shoes. I would love to own several pairs, in fact, I might start a little collection of my own! I’ll start with the classics and… Continue reading

Shoe Obsession

Ugh, I’m nearly broke once again (from incessant shopping) and yet I still ogle at pretty things like these fab shoes: Eeek, they’re like candies for the feet! I want the one in… Continue reading


Look what I bought, new trainers! I might not say this often but I actually jog. And I jog wearing the most horrendous pair of running shoes ever. I actually stole it from… Continue reading

In Other News…

I found the perfect Black pumps. You’d  think a mall as big as Mega Mall would dedicated countless aisles to  basic black pumps, right? NO. So this is cool. The perfect height, the perfect… Continue reading


O di ba, at hanggang tenga ang ngiti, hahaha! Was rubbernecking at Zara’s yesterday. Check out this hot pair! Ain’t they neat? I was out yesterday with the boyf’s whole family. Man, I… Continue reading

Shusies is <3

I adopted another pair of heels, lol

Rubber Necking


Here, Kitty, Kitty

So… the guy I’m currently dating bought me the shusies I’ve been dying to get my grubby paws on. It’s sooo cute!



Out with a boy and my cutie patootey satchel Paired with the only green pumps I have (at the moment ;))

Luscious Loafers

Oooh the orange loafers from Sole Sister are luscious! Ugh, I want ’em!



Chinese Laundry’s AJA Suede

These Boots…

… are made for walking.



Aldo’s on sale but I’m scheduled to go home so I can’t go. Breaks my heart *crocodile tears*

My Kind of Umbrella

I went out, determined to buy an umbrella. An hour later: I forgot to buy the umbrella but I went home grinning like an idiot. Best. Day. EVER.



Cherry on Top

You know what? I’m not even gonna start. This angers me so much. Look at it!

Shusies II

iWant also!

Red Shusies

Fighting the urge to buy another pair of shoes but alas, I’m cranky and hormonal! When you come to think of it, I don’t have a pair of puta red heels. Hmmm.

Denim Peep-toe Heels

Why am I showing a pic of my foot? Cuz I was wearing my favorite heels yesterday! ishokyooooooot! I need more shoes though.

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