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Review: Collonil Carbon Pro

*Not a sponsored post, as per usual. Hey guys, just popping in for a quick review. I mentioned several blogs ago that I came across an excellent leather waterproofing product. It’s the Collonil… Continue reading

Review: Givenchy Nightingale in Evening Blue

I believe I promised a follow-up post on the Givenchy Nightingale and here it is. Here’s my latest bag and no, it’s not LV: A few years ago when the older Nightingale design… Continue reading

What I Got for My Birthday: My Experience Ordering from a Personal Shopper

Yes, I’m a summer baby and I recently celebrated my 34th birthday 🙂 and no, there was no grand celebration at all. I just asked my mom to cook sopas or macaroni soup… Continue reading

On My Radar: Micro Bags!

Don’t you just love miniaturized shiznit? I know I do cuz I love all things tiny and cute! Recently, I’ve been thinking about what bags to get for my birthday. Ya know, something… Continue reading

What I Got for My Birthday!

So I just celebrated my birthday on the first week of March but I’ve been quite busy that I couldn’t blog about it. The fact is, being a hermit, I don’t celebrate my… Continue reading

A Day at Louis Vuitton Greenbelt

I was at Louis Vuitton the other day to get me a special 33rd birthday gift. Can you guess what I got? First, I tried the Turenne PM on. Isn’t she lovely? I… Continue reading

Kate Spade Carmen for Mom :)

Shh… got a cool bag from Kate Spade for my mom this Mother’s Day 🙂 It’s the Nylon Carmen in black (obvs). I think this makes an excellent everyday bag, no?   To… Continue reading

Fancy a Sparkly (Candy) Bag?

I ought to keep my spending under control but here I am lusting over another bag. Ugh. Heeelp Meeee! I’m thinking whether I buy this glittery Candy Bag by Furla in Oro or… Continue reading

New Bag: Kate Spade Cedar Street Stripe Maise

Making up for the lack of updates by giving a random post on a hectic Monday: I got another Spade Bag!   It’s the Kate Spade Cedar Street Stripe Maise! Check out the pretty… Continue reading

I’ll Take You Places: Kate Spade Cobble Hill Leslie Satchel

Because every once in a while, you just want to splurge.   I just love Kate Spade bags and wallets, can’t you tell? I have their wallet and I have been using it… Continue reading

Kate Spade Soft Leather Bucket Bag

As if I didn’t burn enough cash this month, I went ahead and got myself a new bag. Seriously, tie me up to a tree and throw away the key cuz homegirl needs help!… Continue reading

Betchikola Bags

After my first Coach bag, I find myself admiring the fine craftsmanship of their bags! Okay, admiring may not be cutting it. I’m quite a bit obsessed about it, to be honest. So now after… Continue reading

Grey Area

Heyo, merry Christmas! No, the world did not end on 12-21-12 I got me three new bags, a gym bag, an everyday tote and a bigass bucket bag. Problem is, they are in… Continue reading

Braving The Shoe Sale

I rarely buy things on sale. But when I do, half of the PH nation is with me. For once, the universe conspired to align the arrival of my shopping monies with a… Continue reading

La la la laaaaaa

The Switch

So this this sexy little thing greeted me this morning. And no, I did not order a third satchel in a span of 2 days, no. I’m not that impractical, trust me. I… Continue reading

De Bertdhey

My 29th birthday was by far the bestest ever, despite my sister not being here. The boyfriend and I went up north, had a quaint time in the country, ate things and most… Continue reading

A Satchel Girl… in a Satchel World :D

Lapit na ang Valentines and more importantly, my 29th bee dai! So, I don’t really have a concrete plan this V-Day except for an intimate, low key celebration with the boyf. As far… Continue reading

Floral Zatchel Satchel and How I Died Inside

Whenever I see something I leely leely like, I tend to give them away to my loved ones instead of buying them for myself. You may remember my obsession with Zatchel satchels a few months back.… Continue reading

Satchels Again

Quite taken with SoS in Tan. My good friend had me buying two for him and his significant other. Isn’t it gorgeous? But I’m hardly envious because I’m planning on buying myself another… Continue reading

Zatchels Lady Bug Print Satchel

I’m a sucker for anything with lady bug prints on them and this one is definitely a dream come true. I know how unlucky I am when it comes to online contests but… Continue reading


Zatchel’s FB Contest

So, there’s this Zatchel competition going on right now and the gold satchel above is at stake. It’s a long fucking shot but I wish I’ll win XD. I could almost picture it,… Continue reading



Don’t you just hate it when you’re on a shopping ban and you see local online sellers peddling cute purses like this: Lawrd, give me strength


Out with a boy and my cutie patootey satchel Paired with the only green pumps I have (at the moment ;))

Green is In!

I’m surprised at how teeny tiny the TCSC satchel is compared to my old SoS satchel (both are 13 inches). The leather of the old one is so much thicker as well, which… Continue reading

Bathe in Green

Life is full of surprises. Just when I thought I’d never get my hands on TCSC satchels, I caught wind of one currently looking for a kind-hearted person to adopt her. Yes, it… Continue reading


So my chance of owning the much coveted TCSC satchel has been shot down… for the last time. I think it’s high time I give all that obsessing a rest and move on.… Continue reading


Just read this from my supposed Cambridge Satchel supplier: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to irregular schedule of delivery from Cambridge Satchel, we will not accept pre-orders and reservations at this time. We will just… Continue reading

Dutdutan and Bag

I attended last night’s Dutdutan,a tattoo expo. Here’s me with my brand new satchel in action.

Decisions, decisions

Which shalll I get next? The Navy or Black satchel from SoS? Or the sunny Cambridge satchel?


Found out there’s a new shipment of Cambridge satchesl available after 2 months of waiting I’m like: DUDE, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK FUCK IS GOING ON??!! I JUST FUCKING BOUGHT A FUCKING BAG… Continue reading

What I Got in The Mail

It’s the satchel I’ve been dying to get my hands on! it’s sooooo pretty, I love it! I practically tripped all over myself when  delivery doode came knock knockin’ on my door. To… Continue reading

Orange Satchel

I swear, I will make this happen next month. You and I, love, we’d go places.

Waiting and Waiting.

Sitting tight, waiting for my new satchel to arrive.


I’ve been meaning to buy a new bag after I realized I never owned a decent one, ahehehe. Anyways, my plan was to buy a couple of Cambridge Satchels in fluo orange and… Continue reading

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