This is Good Bye: Launching My New Website!

Hello my dears! As you know, I’ve decided to create a new home for my awesome (?) content and I come bearing great news! My new website is up just in time for my 10th year of tireless, incessant blogging:!

My new website has unified the content of the two blog sites that I’ve been maintaining for the past year. This is one of those blog sites. I’ve actually written a lengthy post explaining the entire process it took to create the website from scratch(read it here) as well as bits about navigation.

I’m incredibly lucky to have friends (shoutout to Chris ofΒ GoSMRK!) who developed the website, I love the final look!

So I guess this is goodbye to TinaBytes πŸ™‚ I was such in a happy placeΒ when I created this space 5 (!) years ago and it will always remind me of that. Some of the most significant changes and milestones of my life were documented here. BAH sorry for being so sentimental!

Please have a look around my new website. If you’re looking for my personal posts, head to the Lifestyle & Beauty page. As always, thank you so much for being a part of this space!