Weekend at Batangas

It appears that 2017 is shaping up to be the year of wanderlust, we were all over Luzon the past few weeks and we’re up for more travels later this year.

So my best friends got married in Ilocos two weeks ago and after the festivities, we decided to drop by Batangas for a sojourn. The trip was a frackin’ pain in the butt, we sat through 8 grueling hours of traffic from Tarlac to Batangas (stuck in traffic, got lost, etc.) but it was hella fun. I actually enjoy going on long drives with the hubs:D


I packed on the pounds, obvs. I swore I’d start dieting as soon as the weekends are ovah (kept my promise, no rice na :D)


Noms Batangas lomi is so delish. It’s an egg noodle soup with slivers of pork liver, pork crackling, and bits of meat. I wouldn’t choose it over Tarlac’s version (ours are much soupier, with lots of greens) but it has its own personality. And it’s quite filling too!

My best friends are leaving tomorrow for Italy, I wish they could stay longer but I’m happy we got to spend more time with them despite our busy schedule. Cheers!