Weekend in Ilocos

I was in Ilocos Sur with the hubs to attend my bestfriends’ wedding. Since I was the matron of honor, I wasted no time getting shit done 😀 I did the bridal makeup, sorted the flowers, and made everyone’s corsage, lol.


It was lovely ceremony, the experience was amazing and seeing my best guy friend and best girlfriend tie the knot was UNREAL! (FYI: I fixed them up)


Ahh… my simple masterpieces, hahaha! Almost all aspects of the wedding were DIY on the spot so we were pretty much scrambling to get everything done before the 4:30 ceremony.


She wore a simple lace dress with a translucent skirt while he wore a navy suit.



Sunset kiss! I loved the table setting, it was simple and elegant. The food was amazing! It was an all-Ilokano menu and the selection was unique.



My bestfriends are married, I couldn’t be happier! Congratulations and best wishes, my loves. Joel and I are always here for you guys 🙂

In case you’re wondering, I wore a simple pantsuit in dove gray. I bought this at Uniqlo, of all places. The material is so nice and it fits me perfectly. I paired the pantsuit with jelly slippers for a nice pop of color. I finished the look off with a pearl necklace and pearl earrings 🙂 It was so freaking windy that day so everyone’s ‘do got ruined!

photo-14-01-2017-5-14-03-pmphoto-14-01-2017-5-24-13-pm photo-14-01-2017-6-57-07-pmOf course, I didn’t travel all the way to Ilocos and sat through 5 hours of gruelling drive without getting me massive jugs o’good Ilocano vinegar. Ilocano vinegar is the best in the Philippines and if you’re a vinegar aficionado, this stuff will keep you coming back for more. Krisna (the bride) said very dark Ilocano vinegar is the best so we got the darkest, meanest looking mix out there. This particular brew is fermented in a traditional clay pot called tapayan and it is so, so fucking good.photo-15-01-2017-7-47-43-pm

I also hoarded Ilocos longganisa or sausages (also one of the best local sausages in the country) for the fam 😀 yummers!