Souvenir Update: Wooden Musical Carousels!!!

A few blogs ago, I mentioned my initial idea of giving away musical carousels for our wedding sponsors but they were so dang expensive we had no choice but to nix it.

Well, well, well… it appears that I wasn’t looking hard enough! Despite settling on  aromatherapy sets for our sponsors, I continued to look for suppliers for the musical carousels, hoping to get great deals. Lo and behold, Lazada PH was actually carrying these babies!


I was kicking myself for ignoring the most obvious place to hunt these down cuz I didn’t think they’d have it. When I found out that Lazada carries dem carousels and showed the stuff to the fiance. He was like, “but we’ve already picked out the…?” and I was like:


Poor dude, didn’t have a choice. Ultimately, I got exactly what I wanted, just like always XD

They should arrive sometime this week, so excited!