New (Blog) Look!

If you are a regular reader, then you’ll notice fresh changes on my site! Since Tinabytes was launched in 2012, it sported the same pastel color scheme, same header, theme, etc. and so I thought about giving my blog a new look (though the content will remain the same, I’m afraid)! 😛

This was not the first time I refreshed my blog’s look and every time I do it, I lose a lot of traffic so I revert back to the same old. This time around, I’m just “meh, let’s do it.”

I loved my old theme because it featured my Instagram pictures along with the site pictures on the left side of the screen but when I think about it, these images took the eyes away from the stuff that matters, which is the content.


I chose the Triton Lite theme because I love how it highlights the pictures along with short summaries. I thought this theme looks “cleaner”  and more organized especially when used in conjunction with a subtle background 🙂 The search bar, categories, and the archives are now located at the bottom of the page as footer.

Hopefully, the new background is easier on the eyes. If you like clean (and free!) backgrounds, I highly recommend Subtle Patterns! As for the header, I just randomly Googled a nice cat header.

My social media channels are now placed on every post instead of being plastered on the homepage. This means when you click a post, my Instagram pics together with my Facebook and Twitter click-on buttons will be displayed on your right screen. Also, the header now serves as the “Home” button so when you click my cat Dimitri, you will be led back to the homepage.

I also removed the “Link Love” page and added a clickable text that leads to my portfolio site.

Finally, I changed my tagline from “Your Friendly, Neighborhood Cat Lady” into “A Beauty and Lifestyle Blog” because I thought the latter describes the content much better. And there you go!