Review: Sigma Express Brush Cleaning Mat

Summer’s starting here in the tropics and I can tell this will be a particularly punishing season already. To start off March on a high note, I’ll be reviewing the Sigma express brush mat. I mentioned months ago that I’d do a review on its larger sister but never got around to do it.

Photo 10-03-2016, 7 02 08 PM

The Sigma express brush mat is literally the shrunken version of its predecessor. It is made of durable and soft silicone and it’s hot pink, which is always a plus πŸ˜€ The mat features different textured surfaces to dislodge gunk out of your makeup brushes and provide effective cleansing.

I’ve used the older brush cleaning mat and I can say that it is worth investing in these kinds of tools. The mini version works just as well though the cleaning sections are a teeny bit smaller than what I was used to.

Photo 10-03-2016, 7 02 42 PM

That said, I like the smaller one because it fits my sink better (the old one was too big so it doesn’t sit well on my sink) so the mat adheres better as I clean my brushes.

Photo 10-03-2016, 7 01 31 PM

I wish I could do a side by side comparison so you can check the difference in size between the original and the mini but alas, I gave my larger brush cleaning mat away! Overall, this tool is awesome and personally, this product makes cleaning my brushes easier (I hate cleaning my brushes, ugh).