Review: Biore Make-Up Remover Perfect Oil

I recently discovered Biore’s newest range of makeup removers after meaning to get Bifesta at my local Watson’s. The new line has everything from micellar makeup remover to wipes and a cleansing oil.  I’ve been using Bifesta makeup removers for a couple of years now, but I felt like giving Biore a try since I love the brand’s gel sunblock!

Photo 16-09-2015, 4 22 35 PM

The oil is a bit thick and has a mild floral scent. A pump of the stuff is enough to cover my whole face. I just apply it on a full face of makeup and massage it in. The oil effectively breaks down my foundation and eyeliner in one fell swoop! It’s a really great cleansing oil.

On the packaging, it says this oil does not emulsify but I kinda think it does because, during rinsing, the water turns milky. It rinses clean, but there’s slight sliminess that I do not like. That’s why I always do double-cleansing so my skin is 100% makeup free.

Photo 16-09-2015, 4 23 19 PM

Biore’s cleansing oil is awesome because it actually made my skin smoother and it didn’t break me out! This is a surprise considering it contains mineral oil.

At PhP299 per 150 ML, the new cleansing oil by Biore seemed pricier compared to Bifesta PhP400 at 300 ML but it’s really not.

I don’t have to use cotton pads whenever I take off my makeup like I used to with Bifesta. I just use my hands to work the product in. Also, it only takes a pump of the cleansing oil to cover my whole face compared to Bifesta, which takes more than a couple of pumps to remove makeup. So really, a small 150 ML of cleansing oil isn’t so small after all, eh?

I’ve been using the cleansing oil for more than two weeks now and I liked it so much, I immediately bought a backup!

Overall, this is an effective yet affordable cleansing oil that goes mild on the skin. The main  ingredient of Biore’s cleansing oil is mineral oil so if you’re sensitive to this, this might not be a good choice at all. But for those who are new to cleansing oil and are not sensitive to mineral oil, this is a mighty good makeup remover!