Olay Aquaction Long Lasting Hydration Gel

Oh hai! I’m back with another review for you dear readers! I picked up Olay’s Aquaction long-lasting Hydration gel two weeks ago. I was meaning to get the Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel because that’s an awesome moisturizer, but I got this because I wanted to see how it compares with my fave gel moisturizer.

The Aquaction long-lasting Hydration gel is a part of a new skin care line by Olay. To be quite honest, I haven’t used anything from Olay in a long time! Seeing them come out with exciting new skin care lines made me feel that I really missed out!

olay 1

The moisturizer is housed in a sturdy, blue plastic container. The product itself is a runny gel, similar to Neutrogena Hydraboost, but thinner, lighter.

The moisturizer that I got comes in a set that includes the Morning Dew toner.

olay 2

The moisturizer promises to restore the skin’s natural plumpness and “bounce.” And it feels cool on the skin upon application. It absorbs fast and is very light. Although it’s a good moisturizer, I feel that it’s not hydrating enough for me. What I like about the gel moisturizer is it preps the skin for makeup and it’s not heavy or greasy.

Unfortunately, I think this product broke me out. I used the product for two weeks. I used it around the time I was hormonal. Still, I rarely get three or four pimples at the same time so I think the cream really irritated my skin. I was so disappointed that I gave this cream away!

On the other hand, the Morning Dew toner is housed in a blue plastic bottle with a screw cap. The product is similar to an emulsion, but thinner, more fluid. It can be used as a hydrating toner or softener.

I like using the toner in the morning after washing my face. It hydrates the skin very well, but it doesn’t absorb as fast. I also use the toner to prep my skin for makeup.

Overall, the moisturizer is great for women with combination skin. I feel that it’s not as hydrating as say, the Hydraboost so for girls with dry skin like moi, this is not enough to hydrate the skin. This should be perfect for summer season when you want to wear something light. The Morning Dew toner is a nice addition to the set.