Sneaky Peek: The Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat

Oh hai, I’m back! I know it’s been a little quiet here because I’ve been having issues with my connection + you know, working and stuff. But who cares!

I just found a small beauty store in Tiendesitas that sell Sephora goodies including Urban Decay, MAC, Lorac, ABH and Two Faced. I’m extremely pleased that they have most Sigma brushes (among other things) on hand and that they accept credit card!s I searched for the little store because I wanted to get this little gem:

It’s the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat! I’ve been patiently waiting until Luxola restocks this baby since they sold out last month. I tried ordering this from two shops that sell on-hand items and they refused to pre-order this for godknowswhat reason. I tried pre-ordering from two other contacts, but they were charging me more than double the actual cost. Since I have no patience, I tried looking for beauty stores that has this in stock. Finally, I found one and it’s a stone’s throw away from my place. How convenient is that?


Unfortunately, they sell this at double its actual price. *Sad Face* But I just bit the bullet because clearly, Luxola is not in any hurry restock this product and m,y brushes are always not clean enough! I haven’t used the mat yet because I’m been away from home for the past few days. As soon as I’ve used it, I will write a review πŸ˜€