Review: Inglot Duraline

My old Anastasia Dip Brow pomade dried up to the point that it’s unusable. Because I barely made a dent on the thing, I looked for ways to make the product work again.


I’ve heard about the reviving powers of Inglot’s Duraline and I was curious if it can make my brow pomade workable again. Luckily, there’s an Inglot store in Megamall, my fave mall. A bottle costs PhP800, which is affordable considering how large the bottle is. Yes, the bottle looks small but considering how very little product you need each time you use it, the bottle will last for years!

Photo 8-5-15, 11 58 41 AM

The liquid itself is colorless and odorless. It looks and feels like mineral or baby oil, but the texture is thinner.

Duraline serves a lot of purposes. Apart from reviving gel liners and brow pomade, you can use it to transform powder shadows into liquid pigments!The bottle comes with a tiny dropper to disperse the product

To use Duraline to transform powder products into liquid pigments, add a dot of Duraline on the powder product on a mixing plate.Β Mix the whole thing together and apply.

Photo 8-3-15, 2 39 46 PM

To revive dried up brow pomade, just add a drop or two of Duraline directly into the pot. Spread the liquid evenly then mix. The pomade should go back to its old creamy, smooth self in no time at all!

I’ve tried it with the dip brow and got great results! I love how I can transform just about any powder eyeshadow into colored eyeliner too! And let me tell ya, once the transformed powder shadow sets, it’s too not going anywhere. In fact, to remove the makeup, you’d have to use an oil-based remover.

Photo 8-3-15, 2 40 24 PM

Overall, this is an excellent, multi-purpose product. It’s perfect as a reviver for old gel liners but works even better to turn any powder product into liquid pigment.