Bath and Body Works’ On SALE! What Did You Get?

Bath and Body Works is one of those amazing companies that I wish would cater to the PH market. Unfortunately, we don’t have B&BW here in the tropics. And I think that’s unfair because if anything, we’re the ones who need the products the most. Let’s face it, we have crazy humid weather all day, every day. Most Filipinos, myself included, take *at least* two showers per day. So yeah, bath products are a must for this little tropical country.


Last year, I tried B&BW ‘s Aromatherapy line. They were having their annual mid-year sale and I got four bath gels. I swear to God, their Aromatherapy bath gels are even better than The Body Shop bath gels! The bath gels are a little pricey compared to the Body Shop bath gels but every July, B&BW brings the price down to five dollars a piece. Isn’t that exciting? So I promised myself I’d stock up on these bath gels every year!


A year has passed and I barely made a dent on my B&BW bath gels. This, despite using them every night for more than a year. However, I wanted to try other variants as well. I read from Instagram that B&BW is having another mid-year sale and I quickly ordered other variants including Spearmint Eucalyptus, which I restocked. I also ordered the Eucalyptus Spearmint lotion too! Hopefully, I can my order next month! I’m super excited.

Did you get anything from the B&BW sale?