When Well-Loved Beauty Products Get Re-Formulated

Do you hate it when a well-loved, familiar beauty product of any kind gets re-formulated? I don’t have much experience with this to be honest. But I recently repurchased two bottles of Snoe’s It’s Oat-K, It’s Alright foaming cleansing oil and noticed that the normally cloudy-looking liquid is now clear.


I thought nothing of it until I used it. Gasp! It’s no longer scented. It feels the same but somehow it’s not. To be quite honest, I liked the old formula better. I suppose a non-scented face cleanser is less irritating but for a for someone who love mild fragrances like myself, the scent is part of the experience. Apart from the removing the scent and the now-clear liquid, I feel that the formula remained the same. It’s still gentle on the eyes. It still removes makeup residue gently.