Review: Maybelline Color Show Lipstick

I wish I could say I have tons of MAC or YSL lipsticks. But I don’t. I’m completely okay with el cheapo drugstore lippies. Hey, you’re talking to the same girl who became an Avon lady because girlfriend wants access to 25% members-only discount. Yep, I actually went that road. My sister collects MAC lippies and I gifted her several lippies. She always asks why I haven’t started collecting them yet.Β To quite honest, apart from the sheerer pigmentation (which I can totally live with) and the scent, I don’t think expensive lippies are better than drugstore ones. Photo 5-19-15, 8 57 34 AM And nothing delights me so than really affordable lippies that wear so well. I recently went to my local Watson’s hoping to get Revlon’s Chubby Lip balms. Didn’t happen. I went to Maybelline instead and got three lippies from the brand’s Color Show range. Photo 5-19-15, 8 56 01 AM

Swatch time! From L-R: Sweet Orchid, Nude Mocha, True Toffee

Photo 5-19-15, 9 04 38 AMSweet Orchid

Photo 5-19-15, 4 25 12 PMNude Mocha

Photo 5-19-15, 9 06 20 AMTrue Toffee

The colors are so pretty, right? I’m quite surprised at the pigmentation. I was a long-time user of Maybelline’s water shine range and those lippies are very sheer. Sweet Orchid and Nude Mocha are surprisingly opaque in one pass. True Toffee needs to be built up to achieve opacity. The wear time of Sweet Orchid and Nude Mocha is just as impressive. If I don’t eat or drink, these shades last around five hours. True toffee’s got shorter wear time, around three hours. Not bad! Overall, for their price, these lippies are really awesome. I wish I bought more!