Redecorating: What’s Keeping Me Busy

Remember when I started redecorating my room and developed a small home office too?

Photo 5-12-15, 11 21 09 AM

Something that I’ve been working on the past few weeks, I started re-decorating the living room. I’m working on a color that I don’t like, purple. My sister chose this color, I would’ve gone with medium peach and yellow maybe?

Photo 5-9-15, 10 23 16 AM

I started by having the whole area repainted then added an accent wall. The couch I ordered just came a week and a half ago and this is the initial set-up. It’s hard to find the right couch color when you have so many things to consider (color to complement the walls, the right material so it won’t be shredded by the cat, etc).

Photo 5-9-15, 10 23 56 AM

I am working on getting a new flat screen TV and maybe several shelves to divide the living room in smaller sections.

Photo 5-3-15, 12 39 03 PM

This area is near the stairs. I just placed several decor in there but will replace them once I finish downstairs.

I wanted shelves for my books, which are gathering dust in my parents’ home. I am also checking out several inspirations to dress up a blank wall πŸ™‚ I plan on a small reading nook!

Photo 5-9-15, 10 22 14 AM
Finally, I will be replacing all cushions from the couch, they are not as comfortable as I’d like. They look super soft but are anything but.

Photo 5-9-15, 10 24 41 AM

After all these are done, I have to work on another blank area near the stairs and the guest room πŸ™‚ I’m actually enjoying this!