Review: Bifesta Makeup Remover

Since Bioderma is not available in PH (though it will be in a couple of days, I heard), there’s only a handful of micellar makeup removers available locally. One such product is the Bifesta Makeup Remover. It’s a Japanese drugstore brand that specializes in waterbased makeup removers.

I am on my third bottle and so far, I have tried the pink, the blue and the white one. Although each one feature a formula to care for specific skin issue ( Moist for dry and sensitive skin, Sebum for combination-oily, Brightup for dull and flaky skin, and Agecare for mature skin), To me, formula felt the same across the board. I don’t mind though. Just three pumps of this baby on a cotton pad is enough to wipe off my makeup.



This uses micellar water, and it’s great as a makeup remover though it takes more effort to remove waterproof mascara and other hard to remove waterproof makeup.


Overall, I love this product. It’s an effective makeup remover and the label says, you don’t need to rinse off after. Personally, I still cleanse my face after removing my makeup with Bifesta because I dislike the slightly tacky feeling I get on my skin after the product dries down. That, and I don’t think I’ll ever be okay with the idea of using just makeup remover to clean my face, oh no. This is highly recommended, it’s priced just right and for only PhP400+, it comes in a big bottle.