Kate Spade Soft Leather Bucket Bag

As if I didn’t burn enough cash this month, I went ahead and got myself a new bag. Seriously, tie me up to a tree and throw away the key cuz homegirl needs help!

Yeah, I came across the idea of getting one after I washed an old tote bag I use constantly here in the province and realized I have no other bag I can use. No, it’s not an excuse and I know I have tons of Zatchels collecting dust in my city apartment but yo, this is an emergency. No self respecting bag whore would be caught dead using only one bag. I had one usable bag here in the province, I know it’s almost hilarious. I was in the process of blowing through my month’s salary anyway so why not. Another pricy bag can’t hurt.


Please note: I am being somewhat sarcastic. I am  filled with waves of buyer’s remorse because 1) I just realized I do have three perfectly usable bags in the city that I can bring here and 2) I just bought a super expensive Braun epilator (the best model in the world, so I heard) a few days prior to purchasing said bag. And yeah, that eyeshadow palette. Oops.

Oh well, c’est la vie.

I get a whiff of the intoxicating smell of leather and touched its suppleness. Lawrd, I want one in every color.I am hopeless. I am consumed by my love of all things bright, beautiful and slightly attainable. Damn impulsiveness.

Now to find a KS wallet to match…