Candy Shoes

What did I tell ya? I told you I’d hunt these babies down as soon as I set foot on the mall right? And I did a fine job too considering the Melissmia was apparently from an extremely old collection (midyear 2013, I think). It wasn’t really easy. After travelling to Tarlac back to the city for more than three hours, I had only five Β minutes to catch my breath before I went to the mall. The Galeia Megamall brand only had the Doris Special, not the Karl Lagerfeld Melissima. Worse, the lady who attempted to assist me wouldn’t even call other branches to ask its availability. I had to wait until one of their other saleslady came back from the loo to call the nearest branch. And it turned out that the shoes were, in fact, available in their other branch! Had I taken no for an answer, I would’ve gotten different shoes instead of the one I really wanted.

I am so disappointed with the customer service, I actually left a comment on Melissa’s Facebook page:


Unpleasantness aside, I didn’t mind jumping from one mall after another because I live for this shit! Just to give you an idea why I had to go through great lengths to get the Melissima, check this out:


Tres chic especially when worn with skinny jeans! I was torn between the Burgundy and the Blue one but decided to go with my gut and take the one I loved the first time, the Burgundy. And when I think about it now, I made the right choice because I like that it’s a versatile color but it’s pretty unusual too! BTW, isn’t Burgundy supposed to be reddish? The Melissima Burgundy is more like Aubergine in color.


I also got the summery Doris Special in Red and it’s just so, so lovely in person! Makes my feet look really fair and I love the details. It’s not a real red though, more like watermelon or bright coral.

I plan to ditch my almost-broken Payless black flats and interchange the Melissima wit the Campana Fitas as my default flats for everyday.