Firing Up My Obsession For Shoes

Y’all know I was a massive shoe and bag whore before all these makeup and skincare thing became a full-blown obsession, right? No? Well, I was!

The last pair of shoes I bought was a boring pair of nude flats because I never owned anything nude since forever. And true to form, I never wore the pair because I have always been partial to black and colorful shusies.


After a couple of Sperrys, I stuck with the same black flats so much it felt like I was having a Amy Winehouse moment (she always wore the same satin ballet flats). My sister, who knows all things fashionable saw my lack of sense of style so for my birthday, she got this pretty pair of Melissa x Campana Fitas flats. And they are so gorgeooooussss!

For a moment, it made me forget about this cute bag my cousin will be selling next month, le ugh.

Anyway, it’s so pretty! And I’m so overwhelmed by its prettiness that I decided I’d buy a couple of pairs for myself. I chose the Melissa X Karl Lagerfeld Melissima Mary Janes in Violet:


And the Doris Special in Red


Now the question is, are these lovelies still available in the Philippines? I’ll know tomorrow, hahaahah! Wish me luck!