Northern Getaway: Hundred Island, Pangasinan

The boyf and I, together with one of our favorite couples, went on a long trip to Pangasinan to hang out at Hundred Island, at the height of Haiyan typhoon. We were close to cancelling the trip but in the end, we pushed through with it. The place was great, I had a lot of fun checking out the scenery. But it’s unlikely that I’d be back. I was expecting great beaches to swim in but the beaches are often full of sharp rocks so the place is only best to take in the sights, not to enjoy the water. I did however, enjoy the food and the company so there’s that. I’ve refrained from posting these pictures in my Facebook page because of the devastation caused by Haiyan in the Visayas region. For the sake of documenting this trip, I posted them here.







We are gearing up for a longass vacation in sunny Putipot sometime in March and we are all excited! I’ve been to Putipot several times and I know how gorgeous the beach is. Hopefully, that trip will turn out better than this one.