Review: Snoe It’s Oat-k, It’s Alright Foaming Cleansing Oil

Snoe is a PH-made skin care and cosmetics brand. I’ve been a fan of Snoe after I got one of their much lauded beauty bar and the calamansi-based face mask last year. I gotta say, the brand definitely came a long way from being a barely-noticeable boutique into this really popular cosmetics and skin care brands here in Philippines. Most of their products contain a bevy of natural ingredients that I’m always not entirely familiar with. If there’s one thing I noticed about Snoe, it’s that they always have this crazy concoction of ingredients. Not crazy bad, the good kind of crazy.

I am quite impressed with the soap as it did a good job of lightening my pimple marks, refining the texture of my skin and basically giving my dull, lifeless skin a much needed boost. But I needed something milder to address the really bad state that my skin was in so last week, I decided to try one of their newest products, the “It’s Oat-k, It’s Alright” foaming oil cleanser.


Two blog posts ago, I mention that my utter laziness cost me my skin and I got loads of ugly pustules growing on my chin and hairline. I know, it’s disgusting. So I decided to get another cleanser that will really get rid of every much on my face and got Snoe’s “It’s Oat-k, It’s Alright” foaming cleansing oil.

You can check out what this stuff is all about at Snoe‘s online store. Basically, it’s a cleanser, makeup remover and face moisturizer in one. It promises to get rid of all the gunk you put on your face without drying the skin.

First, I love the scent. The formulation is fortified with goat’s milk so it has a mild, milky-fruity scent which I adore! Seriously, the smell, albeit super faint, is simply scrumptious! I know skin care with fragrance often lead to irritation for some but I’m a scent lover, I want the stuff I put on my face to smell so good. And this stuff, I cannot get enough of, the novelty hasn’t quite worn off.

The consistency is gel-like and melts upon application. It’s not as foamy as other chemical-laden cleansers out there which bummed me out a bit as I like my cleansers to yield more foam and bubbles. But that’s just me. The lovely scent makes up for that though, I love it to bits!

I’ve only been using this for two weeks and so far, I love how it really does go right in and strip the face off makeup. Of course, I use my makeover remover first before I cleans with It’s Oat-k because I want a squeaky kind of clean. It’s super mild and it never broke me out so overall, this is a real winner right here.