I’m getting fat and all the raiding the fridge and eating at spontaneous times sure ain’t helping, hahahah! So the boyfriend and I dragged our asses to the local boxing studio and started working out. My oh my. Am I out of shape or WHAT. Again, too bad I have no pictures. I got a bit shy taking pictures because there are way too many men in the gym and I don’t wanna be the maarte girl who kept taking pictures of herself while working out, hahahaa!

Anyhoo, to supplement the boxing thing, I also started doing a bit of dumbell exercises. Because my arm are scary fatty. We’re talking, flying squirrel flabby here. That’s me painting you a picture.

Okay, I have very bad skin lately. Like, really, really bad, gross skin with pustules of pimply goodness popping at random parts of my face! At first, I thought it must be one of the stuff I slather on my face, so I stopped putting stuff on my face. The pimple fest went on. So, I figured it must be the makeup brushes, maybe I don’t clean them well enough, and I started dutifully cleaning them twice per week. Still, the problem persisted and now, I suspect it’s all the gunk I’ve been putting on my face.

pimpleIgnore the eye makeup, I was brushing up on my blending skills, hahaha. See the pimple marks on my cheek and the ones on my chin? Gnarly.

I came across some online seller who showed a picture of her dirty Clarisonic Mia brush. She used it after getting rid of her makeup with makeup remover and cleansing her face with a facial wash. Imagine, she used a makeup remover and washed her face and still when she used the damn scrub the brush is full of freakin’ makeup.Everything made sense now.

I failed to clean my face properly. I was so smug, trusting my makeup remover to get rid of all traces of makeup on my face when in fact, it’s simply not enough. Yeah, I know that’s pretty basic but whatever. I digress. Well, I couldn’t leave my face all raw and gnarly so thankfully, I still have my GNC Aloe gel with me and I used it to heal the wounds and lighten old pimple marks.


I’ve only been using it for a couple of days and well, I can’t really give a decent opinion on its healing powers but it’s nicely hydrating and goes very light on the skin. My face just soaks up the gel upon application though it stung my eyes a bit (the gel turns to watery within a few seconds), it’s not that bothersome. It has a faint scent too, very clean, I quite like it. Now we wait until it helps clear my acne *fingers crossed*