St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

For me, to achieve smooth, clear skin, you should never skip exfoliation. When I was 17 or 18, I started using facial scrubs because I had a bad case of blackheads on the nose area, which was so gross. I believe I used St.Ives classic apricot scrub and I have tried some of the most recent iteration of the formula including the one for sensitive skin, the other for acne-ridden skin and the medicated one. I also tried the St. Ives Olive scrub, which I sorta liked but I never repurchased because it just didn’t do a great job and the creamy formula just made me breakout a bit.

So, I actually gave up on facial scrubs after I used up a tube of the classic St.Ives Apricot one because it was too abrasive but I didn’t want to throw it away. I ended up manually scrubbing my face with a face cloth for a while until I came across the St. Ives Green Tea face scrub. At first, I thought the formula is probably similar to the old one but I was curious enough to give it a try.

Everything about the Green Tea version is different from St. Ives’ classic formulation. For one thing, the grains are so minuscule, it actually made the formula thicker. The new formulation uses fine silica-based grains rather than the rougher, more abrasive crushed Apricot seeds of the past. I must say, I’m so in love with the new formulation! It has a fresh, green smell that I like. As much as I like non-scented shit, I do have a soft spot for stuff that smells really fresh and clean.

I tend to overcrub a bit, a habit I’ve been trying to abstain from. I useΒ St. Ives Green Tea face scrub every day and every other day when I see that I’ve gotten rid of my flaky nose. The result is just great, clear skin! Th scrub is formulated with salicylic acid but I didn’t really see any obvious effects on my existing zits whatsoever. It just slough off dead skin cells so well that I’ve added theΒ St. Ives Green Tea face scrub to my nightly beauty regimen.

Don’t overscrub like me though. I do it every chance I get and I’m trying not to! This shit is addicting so it’s hard to resist, hahaa!