Nivea Smoothy Cream

If you’re like me who appreciates great finds at affordable prices then you must be kuripot, hahahah! For me, nighttime moisturizing is a must especially since my skin is on the dry side and needs ample moisture. Unfortunately, high end creams do cost more than your average daytime creams, some fetching as much as 4k or 5k per pot. And if you’re kuripot like me, you won’t fork over the monies as easily so I searched for greater alternative to my old night cream when I ran out.

I found a great alternative in Nivea face creams, the Smoothy cream in particular. Initially, I tried Nivea’s Soft Cream, which my sister bought from Kuwait. One thing I noticed is the soft cream formulation of Kuwait differs from the one here in PH. Ours tend to have a lighter formulation that resembles gel creams and is more lightweight withΒ slight cooling effect when applied on the skin. Also, our version gets absorbed by the skin faster whereas the Kuwait one is richer, sinks slowly in the skin and tend to leave an oily film that sits on the skin. I know all these because I bought a small pot of the Soft Cream for use whenever I’m visiting the ‘rents.

Despite these minor caveats, I loved the effect of the cream on my skin! I wake up to super soft,incredibly clear skin with zero dry patches. It was a large pot too and when we ran out of cream I was gunning for a higher end cream. ButΒ when I came across an article that sings praises to Nivea’s Smoothy Cream, I was quite intrigued because the blogger compared the consistency and effect of the cream to her Embryolisse cream. Embryolisse is a popular French cream used by celebrities, MUA and beauty experts alike. They are quite expensive too (so I heard) and the blogger, pretty much said the Nivea Smoothy Cream is a worthy dupe to Embryolisse.

Now, since I used the Soft cream before, I had an idea what the other cream is all about. But I was curious to try it too. It’s only PhP 160+ at Watson’s anyway so no harm in trying. I did try googling reviews about it but from what I gather, Nivea never released this in the US or EU but rather, this is an Asian release so I couldn’t find reviews at Makeup Alley.

And when I did, I loved it! It’s actually better than the Soft Cream too in terms of moisturization. The Smoothy Cream is made for babies and is formulated with Calendula oil. It’s a hypoallergenic light cream with a lovely powdery scent! It goes on the skin smoothly and gets absorbed quickly. On my dry-combination skin, it delivers enough moisture so my skin stays silky smooth and free from dry patches. I wake to such incredible skin and I gotta say, I love how it makes my skin feel so soft and plump.

I also didn’t break out which is a relief since this is something I’m always worried about whenever I try something new. So for girls who want a good moisturizer that gets the job done at super affordable price, try this one out!