Rolling in Commercialism Yet Again

K, so I mentioned I felt so bad about having such a crummy week that I might drive myself to the nearby Uniqlo for a shopping spree? Well, I did nothing of the sort. Instead, I went to Megamall and went on a shopping spree. So I guess the terrorist won, hahaahha!

Nothing major, just got shirts from Promod and shorts from the newest Korean store to hit the PH, Basic House. I love Basic House na! They’ve got loads of cute Polo shirts which I’m a fan of plus great basic shirts! A bit on the pricier range though but it seemed like a really great brand to try out!

I guess, I should really steer clear of malls when I’m feeling blue. On the other hand, I really do need a fresh set of wardrobe as my boyfriend and my sister kept saying I wear the same thing over and over again.

Oh, we’re not done shopping yet. Phase 2 would be an all-out shopping spree at Uniqlo probably sometime next month. I’m already eyeing the UT line as well as a couple of tunics from their permanent range. Already picked out stuff to buy and did the math na, hihihihi! I’m so, so excited! I only wish Uniqlo carry bigger sizes in the menswear line. The boyf is a bigger Polo shirt nut than I am and Uniqlo got a fabulous range of shirts but they’re too damn small! Boyf either needs to lose weight or find another brand because nothing fits him there. Oh well, can’t win ’em all.