Musings In The Tunnel

I’ve been having a really crummy week, to be honest. I seriously don’t want to complain or rant about it because that’ll only make me feel so much worse that I might drive myself to an impromptu shopping spree at nearby Uniqlo, hahahah! So instead, I’ll just go count my blessings:

  • I love my job
  • I love my boss
  • I have a supportive and loving boyfriend
  • My mom is awesome
  • and so is my little brother and big sister
  • I’m healthy!
  • Things aren’t really that bad
  • I’m no longer fat
  • My cat is healthy and happy!
  • I’m pretty lucky considering 2013 isn’t supposed to be my year
  • I have the funniest friends
  • … and most importantly, I’m blessed by Papa Jesus

Let’s not forget to be grateful for all the blessings to get through bad days! Yiheeee!