Bridal Shocker

This is a pretty late post about the first bridal shower I attended. Just saw a bunch of pics from Facebook and I’d like to share a few, hahaha! There were a lot of firsts that night. It was the first bridal shower I attended, it was the first time I got a lapdance from a living, breathing male stripper and it was the first time I gobbled an entire banana covered with whipped cream (which was delicious, BTW)

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Alright, judging by the nervous smiles and the downright shocked facial expression, you know who are the first-timers in the room, hahaha! Being a former porn writer, nothing prepared me of the realness of the event, not sure if Β enjoyed it to be honest. But it was all for fun and I had a great time with the girls.

The night ended with cupcakes and of all things, chicken feet when Hannah and I regrouped with the boys after the debaucherous bridal shower.