Disco Wedding

What a weekend, it has been! Remember the wedding I blogged about some two weeks ago? That happened in a very long Saturday and it was awesome! The wedding ceremony was a very solemn affair, which was the complete opposite of the reception. Not only was I slightly drunk and dancing like an epileptic, I did so in full Cory Aquino hair, no less!

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I don’t like attending weddings on a regular basis but this one, I really loved partly because I was a witness to the couple’s love for each other and Rhae is a good friend of mine, affected much? Hahahhaha! Personally, the highlight of the night was the surprise performance by Mike and Rhae as well as the dancing and cocktails! My ghed, I love Tequila sunrise!

Anyhoo, I acted real wacky throughout the said event and from the looks of the pictures that kept cropping up on Facebook, I need to brace myself for more bad pics ahead, hahahaha!

PS: Props to my super adorable boyfriend who patiently waited and assisted me and my friends throughout the day! I love you, sweetie :*