Color Me Impressed

Really starting to get into makeup, eye-makeup in particular. Unfortunately, I’m still learning how to apply ’em, hahaha! I had my heart set on a cool Smashbox eyeshadow palette but I decided to buy me a Coastal Scents palette first for practice. Then if I improve, that’s the time I’d buy the expensive ones, teehee.



Ordered one online and it arrived the day after. Transaction was easy-peasy though I have a couple of gripe towards how the seller handled orders in general as well as the courier service she used. It was delivered extremely late, like 8 in the evening! And the courier dude was the one who’s pissed pa for making him wait several minutes! Not gonna buy from that seller again.

Anyhoo, pretty excited on using this one finally. I wish I’d learn much quicker 😦 My initial reaction to the palette in terms of its pigmentation is it’s okay. Some colors do not show as vibrantly as I hoped but for its price, it should be fine. Consistency is buttery which I love! Also, the collection of color is fantastic! I was sorta disappointed that there’s no shimmery olive green in there but there’s loads of other cool colors to play with. I wish they added more of the warmer bronze colors too. But gripes aside, I’m very happy with my purchase and I cannot wait to start painting!