Images: What Went Down

Between going back and forth to the city and my hometown plus lots of work in between, I’ve literally no strength to blog, le urgh! So here’s a nice set of images that perfectly describes the things that went down while you guys aren’t looking ๐Ÿ˜€


Di and I chillin’


Celebrated the boyf’s birthday with lotsa steaks!


Went to a former colleague’s wedding


Watched the boyf’s game (they won!)

ย pic7

After days of searching, I settled for this dress. Which was the better choice anyway because it’s super slimming, fits me like a glove and very, very striking! The no carbs diet and the Master Cleanseย dietย really paid off no?


Goofing around with the boyf โค


My sister created this for me, looks a lot like me, no?


And finally, here’s another pic of me this time for the boyf’s niece’s christening. So yeah lots of stuff happened when I didn’t blog for a couple of weeks, hahahaha. Who knew. Anyhoo, getting my stuff packed because I’ll be going back home in Tarlac within a couple of hours. Plus an important appointment I have to show up for. Let’s hope things go well so 2013 will shine a little brighter for yours truly!