Betchikola Bags

After my first Coach bag, I find myself admiring the fine craftsmanship of their bags! Okay, admiring may not be cutting it. I’m quite a bit obsessed about it, to be honest. So now after the iPad mini, I think I could use a couple of everyday bags for myself. I’m drawn towards these fabulous totes, a structured multicolored tote in white and gold:


As well as this cute khaki number. This purple/khaki combo’s fabulous but my cousin only has the one in brown/khaki combo. Whichever, they both look great and they should work well as everyday tote.

Urgh, ang dami kong gusto! That’s why I have to work extra hard this year in order to invest in really great products I can use for a long, long time. How’s that for justification for all the crazies!