Hair History

Just had a major hair cut. It’s not my old Tina look circa 2007, more of my 2004 hair cut. Not a lot of people know why I had such a short haircut then. Can you believe it has something to do with my weight? *Cue the music*


I was super fat then, like 145 pounds (I’m 5’2). So my face looks like a giant siopao. When I turned a senior in college I vowed to lose all the weight and if I managed to do the impossible, I will pull a Judy Ann, cut my hair super short so people can see how small my face has become.

No, this isn’t me at my fattest.

So that day came and the minute it did, I cut my hair super short. Well, not really. I had it cut a little longer, similar in length to my hair now because the stylist didn’t want to chop everything off (my hair then reaches the clasp of my bra and I just had itย straightenedย a few months prior)! Can you believe it, di pumayag ang bakla. A few weeks later, I had someone to do the deed. And from there on I wore my hair super short, kinda like this:


So there you go, my super shallow post about my hair, my weight and how they are somehow tied to my self worth. Hahahaha, I kid.