Rolling in Commercialism

So my relentless search for the perfect black and nude flats ended after a quick trip to Payless. Luckily, they just released these lovelies and at PhP600 each, they’re super cheap too! So I bought a couple of pairs and never will I scour my closet for shit to go with my pink flats again! Yay!


My sister got in on the action and got herself a couple of shoes too, it was the best day ever! Oh, and would you believe I bought a dress for only PhP500? I kid you not!

Yeah it’s a terrible photo but this dress is so fabulous in person. It’s by Miss Couture and was on sale at the Department store. My sister told me it’s a great dress and an unbelievable bargain so I bought it. She and I could share (we have the same size now). Imagine buying a couple of cute shusies and a dress for less than 2k. What a deal!

Now I turn my attention to either updating my closet with key pieces or buying a new pair of shades. Rewarding times like this just brightens my week.