Nude Flats

I’d always choose colorful pieces over boring ol’ nude, beige or brown (I fucking hate brown) but matching colorful clothing with my equally colorful collection of shusies, well, it’s a challenge. So, I took my sister’s advice and began searching for great flats in either black or tan. Just so I don’t have to drive myself crazy trying to find a black top to go with my neon pink flats. I need more options!

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I recently bought a great pair of black flats and have been abusing it for days now. As for the nude flats, I already know where to get the perfect nude flats but Anthology shoes are super expensive! I’m hoping they go on a sale or something because they’ve got a great collection of leather flats. Anthology is sort of a premium footwear brand so their shoes sure don’t come cheap.

The quality is fantastic though and they use awesome goodies like fine leathers, non-skid sole and memory foam! I’d love to own a pair! Heh, well, I’m adding these babies on my wishlist and hopefully acquire at least a pair of ’em before next year.