Beachin’ Weekend

Just got back from a really fun weekend out on the beach with several friendsslashdrinkingbuddies. We got to Matabungakay beach very late, like around 11 in the evening and settled in way past midnight. There were loads of laughter, baklaan and inappropriate jokes. Fabulous!

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After a (brief) day out in the sun and inadvertently pouring sunscreen lotion all over my eyeballs, we spent the wee hours of the morning drinking, eating, sharing tips on how to improve our social skills and made the most out of the videoke treat by Hannah and Karen! The food is awesome too and I was being a bad girl, eating carbs (though not a lot of it) and smoking up a storm but I’m totally gonna make up for it, promise hahahah!

Oh, yeah, and we had one of my couple friends’ friend give us a ride. It was convenient and more fun than going there by bus 🙂 After hearing raves about our recent trip at Stilts resort in nearby Calatagan, we also planned another weekend getaway in January! Yay, something to look forward to! Can’t wait!