Sick Pusikati

It’s been such a stressful week but I’m glad to see some semblance of normalcy in the Dimitri Balor. Our beloved pusakat, Di, got really, really sick last weekend. It took numerous trips to the vet and loads of pills and hand-feeding to get him back to his normal, perky self. Yes, we used hot compress to ease his stomach and leg pains. Long story.

So he’s pretty much okay now. He’s been dirty and miserable for weeks that he was just given his first bath today and we’re so relieved. Personally, I’m glad he got well just in time for my beach getaway with friends. I’d hate to leave home and worry about him while I’m gone!

Later today I will head out to Makati to meet the boyf and then head out somewhere to meet my friends for a much needed break at the beach! It’s the first time in a long time that I get to go out on an out of town trip with friends and I’m super pumped! Now if only I can stop myself from writing nonsense drivel and get actual work done so I can start packing, lol!