Undas 2012

Tomorrow I come back to the city, not sure if I want to come back though. Being here in the sleepy town of Paniqui for almost two weeks, I’ve somewhat grew fond of the slow, sub-rural living, yo. But three things kept pulling me to the city, the boyfriend, the mall and the bills, lol.

Anyway, we avoided the All Saints Day rush by travelling up north earlier so we spent 9 days here, holed up in my mom’s second home dubbed “Casa ni Tina”. And we got everything here too, internet, cable, four poster bed, the whole shebang. So yeah, I have it easy. Now I’m so fat and spoiled I don’t think I can drag my fat ass back to the city with all the noise, crowd and stupid taxi drivers.

If we’re close friends you know I hate Halloween. I hate it more than I hate Holy Week. Holy Week’s cool, I can put up with boring myself shitless but being scared shitless, no. Thankfully, my sister was with me at Casa ni Tina, unlike last year where I was forced to face the holiday alone with my brother. Not that  the house is haunted, I just heard stories. Stories I’d rather not remember right now as I write this alone.

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We went to the cemetery (or graveyard to Western folks) to pay respects to my dead grandma (my mom’s mom), who’s such a sweetheart when she was alive. But as much as I love lighting a candle and incense for my dead grandma, I hate the whole family reunion thing. I hate being forced to talk to aunts and uncles about why I wasn’t married at such an advanced age, why my mom’s still not running around with grand children and why I’ve grown fatter since last year.

Obviously I’ve gone fat because I started eating a lot and obviously I’m not married yet because I don’t want to get married yet. End of discussion.

For me, the end of Halloween is the real beginning of Christmas. As soon as I got Halloween out of the way, I’m happy as a clam, prepping up for my annual Christmas shopping and all that awesome shit. I’m quite excited because my sister will join me this year and I don’t have to think real hard what to gift people with. I’m terrible with gifts, I tend to stick with what works. I really don’t have much of an imagination when it comes to these things, really. I got a few ideas but that’s all I got. Anyhoo, I’m super mondo excited about that.

Another thing to look forward to, or a couple of awesome stuff to look forward to, is my day at the beach. I haven’t gone to the beach in two years and this is the first time in a while that I’d get to relax, just lie around and not touch a damn keyboard. My sister’s and boyfriend’s been pointing out how much time I spend working and surfing the web so maybe I’ll wean myself off the internet, heh. We’ll see.

Speaking of the internet, I’ve done a lot of reading during my free time and it seems the gray market is already offering the iPad mini here in PH. The problem is, since it’s a new product, they priced it so exorbitantly that I’m actually thinking of buying the new iPad 4 instead. I was prepared to shell out 25K (around USD600) max for the 64GB wifi only (which is more than enough since the thing only cost, like 400plus dollars in the US) but I saw that the thing cost as much as 28k.

I know it’s a dumb choice for choosing the iPad mini over the iPad 4 or the Nexus even, but dude, I ain’t that dumb. I’m not paying 28k for a two year old processor and sub-par res, yo. But with the size of the iPad 4, I’m conflicted over getting one as well.

Dammit. I really wanted that mini. So instead of my initial plan of getting my hands on one right away, I might have to wait until authorized retailers bring this shit here and the price will stabilize. This mean I’d have to wait it out until January. Jesus Christ, I fucking hate living in the third world.