Halloween: Le Ugh

I hate, hate Halloween. I feel it’s a cruel joke that Halloween is only weeks away from Christmas, my favorite holiday. Buuut I’m pretty excited over my upcoming weekend at the beach Β (2 consecutive times itey, YES.) and weeks after that, Christmas shopping!

Hay, so many things to be thankful for! This year has been really good to me and it’s almost over, I kenat bilibit. I’m somewhat nervous and shit because I’m hella superstitious and I feel I might come across several unlucky events next year because somehow this year’s bad for those born in the year of the dog and pig’s next on the list, and I’m born in that year and all that. Basta. I’m hoping I’m wrong but I feel the air moving in a direction I don’t like. We’ll see. Better adjust the sails then.

Prepping for the beach next weekend, here’s to hoping we don’t get ravaged by a storm anytime soon πŸ™‚