Retina Dismay Indeed

Many people are sorely disappointed with iPad mini’s non-Retina display. HuffPo even coined a special term for it, Retina Dismay. I, on the other hand, is more concerned about the processor than anything else. It runs on an old A5 chip, not the speedier, A6 fitted on the newest iteration of the iPad.

I will buy an iPad mini, that, I’m sure of. I just find it unsettling that they chose an old chip to run the unit, you know? I definitely don’t want a laggy tablet, especially if I’m shelling over 20 grand for it. And don’t get me started on the iPad mini’s ridiculously low RAM (rumoredΒ to be 512 MB). If it wasn’t for Apple’s ecosystem, I wouldn’t even dream of owning an iPad. It will take more time before Google will be able to create thousands of tablet optimized apps but the day that it happens is the day I’d buy an Android.