“Family Pic”

Having pictures done on a studio used to be all the rage in the late 90’s until the early 2000. My classmates would show off wallet sized pics of them with either their friends or their boyfriends/girlfriends. I wasn’t into that at all. Just wasn’t my thing. But lookit here. the fad caught up with me several years too late:


This is our official “family” photo and the first time I was photographed in a studio. My first ever studio pic is of my sister and I with a cat. How cute and funny at the same time. This was a spur of the moment thing, we were at Tiende for Dimitri’s rabies shot and check up. We headed to Hyper for a quick bite and saw this photo studio shop of sorts and my sister laughingly dared me we do the whole studio pic thing. Well, since it was cheap, we were there and Dimitri does not live as long as we humans do, I decided to go for it.

Unfortunately, I was wearing the most unflattering shirt that day and my hair was a  fucking mess. In my defense, my allergy is acting up really bad that day and I wasn’t in the mood to “fix” myself up. Plus, since we initially planned to just have the cat checked and leave as soon as that’s done, I didn’t think anyone would see me wearing a horrible shirt. Just goes to show the possibility of one bad decision being immortalized forever.

Despite looking horribly fat and being talked into being photographed with that messy mop, I’m pretty happy how everything turned out. We all looked happy… well, maybe not the cat, hahahah!