Press Invites: Microsoft, Apple and Google Are Duking It Out This October

It seems the big three are stirring things up this October, giving out their press invites for their respective events, only several days apart from each other. I bet fanboys left and right are gonna have a field day!

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The first one is from Apple with the expected unveiling if the iPad mini in the 23rd, followed up by Microsoft (the first to give out the press invites) on the 26th for the unveiling of Windows 8 and of course, the Surface. Finally, there’s Google which is expected to introduce their new line of Nexus phones and according to rumors, they will also showcase the 32GB Nexus tab on the 29th.

Personally, I feel bad for Microsoft since this should’ve been their month. Apple and Google’s event seemed like an underhanded trick to steal the limelight away from the Surface tab and Win8. I would love to own a Surface but it’s too damn big for me. I just need a 7 incher to play Cooking Mama 4 on and I’ve set my heart on an iPad mini.Β 

I’m actually starting to freak out, hahahahah! I’m so so pumped up for this shit! I’ll be the first in line when iPad mini hits our local Apple store!