Geeking Out

First off, my obsession about the Google Nexus tab was re-ignited a few weeks ago and now it’s a full blown mania. The good news is, it’s not only cheaper, I might be able to get my hands on it sooner than I thought. An old college friend of mine was willing to have her husband buy one for me in LA, which is awesome news. I wish I could buy one for my brother and my boyfriend though but it’s too dang expensive to buy three units at once, hahaha! This sexy beast is gonna be my new couch buddy soon. This is a great thing for my main machine as well (my lappy) because since we went wireless at home, my lappy’s beenย inadvertently get subjected to bumps and all that. A tab will give my lappy a much needed break.

Anyhoo, the latest rumor is that uncle Google is gearing up for a 32G Nexus tab and if this is true, I’ll be more than happy to either pay a premium for it or wait for it to reach the gray market before I give in. The rumor mill is abuzz with loads of stuff supposedly going to be unleashed in a few weeks, including a new iPad tab that’s supposedly cheaper and smaller than its predecessors and the Surface by Microsoft (yep, they’re finally joining the tablet war!). I know, I know, andaming word na “supposedly” but we’re talking about rumors here so who knows. Hopefully they’re true so consumers like moi have more choices.

But despite setting my heart to the Nexus, I’m not counting out the possibility of buying the Surface RT (I don’t need the Pro, I just want to surf the net and check out apps). I’m a Windows girl through and through so if the price is right and the features are great, I’d gladly plunk down the cash for the Surface ๐Ÿ˜›

I love technology. I’ve been an avid observer since college and it’s amazing how our technology is moving at supersonic speed.I for one, cannot wait to see what October has in store for gadget geeks ๐Ÿ˜€