What I’ve Been Up To: Balik Alindog Program

So much stuff happened in the past few weeks. First off, I got laid off. Yes, my client of three years let me go because Google was playing god and all the little people who are in the inner workings of the intarnet, like yours truly, have to suffer for it.

Of course I’m fine!

Well, to be fair, I saw it coming all the way from Pluto. In fact, I was preparing for the announcement weeks before the actual thing and to be quite honest, I was ready to move on, man. We had a great run and all but I’ve been burned out for so long that I was actually looking forward to being let go. I was already forming my contingency plan weeks before.  This plan involves me having at least a week off  from my other gig and just relax for a change. Haven’t had a decent vacation in years!

And just when I thought I’d have my long awaited vacay, I scored another gig within a couple of days (to the amazement of my sister. She literally said, “talagang di ka nawawawalan ng swerte no?”). So far, things are going great and I couldn’t be more happy at how things turned out! Of course, this means I’ve been really, really busy lately that I’ve started to not having the strength to meet up wth friends or even my boyfriend, hahaha!

The thing that kept me busy after work is the gym. Yep, I started working out a month ago and this is where I spend a large chunk of my free time. Don’t think I got into this willingly, my sister had to lure me into it by paying for my enrollment. What’s more, she got me a trainer to kick my butt. And Jebus knows he did. Every other day, he did. So now, I wake up to a really sore ass area, sore arms and super sore legs. I gotta hand it to J.Lo, man. Lunges are freakin’ hard pala!

So my life now is work, work some more, chat with the boyf for a few minutes before his work piles up, and then head to the gym then go home and cry like a baby because everything hurts. No idea if I lost a substantial amount of weight though, we’ll see.