Butter Soft Shusies

Well that was fast. Remember how I kept going on and on about Sperry Top-Siders? Yeah, well, my sister got tired of seeing me Googling Sperry boat shoes all morning and whining over and over about it at night that she convinced me to ditch our workout, go to the nearest Sperry boutique and finally get myself a pair.

Apart from the classic Navy (my first choice) I was torn between this cute tan/tweed combo:

and this hot, rose gold number:

Obviously, practicality won. As much as I loved the other two designs, I am in dire need of basic flats right now. I’m afraid my wardrobe can’t take another pair of shoes that’s so hard to match outfits with! It was either the Navy or the Cocoa brown boat shoes for moi and my sister told me Navy is much easier to work with, plus, they’re Β cuter than the brown ones. So Navy it was.Β I super love my first pair of Sperrys!

As always, I wore them as soon as I paid for ’em and walked around G3 to G5 and back and lawrd, it’s like walking on clouds! These babies don’t need to be broken in at all (Apparently, mine’s made with deer skin, not cow hide)!Β 

My next target is the tan/tweed combo πŸ™‚ or the tan/leopard combo and I’m planning on buying the rose colored ones for my sister as a gift.