A Good Sweat

On the right is the picture that semi-inspired me to whip my lazy butt back into “shape” (and by shape, I meant not looking like Grimace’s half sister). It’s been almost a month and I must say, I think things are going good.

Okay, let me be the first to admit it, I let myself go. For almost two years, I’ve started eating rice again twice everyday plus teensy snacks in between and ended up gaining more than 20 pounds (I think). I reached 130 lbs. several months back. I don’t have a weighing scale right now but ย I might’ve lost a few pounds already.

(Same dress, same pose, different weight- Left: three weeks ago, Right: A year and a half ago)

Granted, I’ll never be a size zero and I can’t go back to my skinny, 110-115 pounds self looking emancipated takes a lot of hard fucking work and I think I’m at a point where I love food too much to really give it up. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and did light exercises plus started eating less fried, greasy foods and ate more fish and things. I already lost an inch off my waist, which is great because I can fit into my old jeans again (though barely).

(Left: Last week Middle: Ew. More than a year ago Right: Two months ago)

My face is alsoย noticeablyย smaller again with little to no hint of double chin, hahahah! Yes, I’m aware that this is a very shallow post and I’m being overly critical of myself but if your self worth is tied to your weight you got a fucked up metabolism like I do (Yeah, I ate for the past two years but I have a small appetite ) you’d understand.

I never want to see another bad pics of my again, let me tell you.