Feelin’ Fresh

I know, I’ve been posting quite a bit of cosmetics and skin care related articles lately but no, this space won’t be transforming itself into one of dem hipster beauty blogs, no. I’m just obsessed when it comes to skin care.

But I’m pretty fussy when it comes to using beauty products though my own regimen is relatively straightforward (cleanse, tone and moisturize). For the past weeks, I’ve been using Snoe’s Kojic + Glutathione soap, which is awesome. My skin has never been this smooth, soft and even-toned. But as much as I love using this soap, I do cleanse my face several times per day and I can’t go on slathering acid-laden beauty soap in between morning and evening cleaning, right? I used up my old facial wash from Olay, and was ready for a zingy replacement.

I’ve taken an interest on Neutrogena’s latest foam cleaners and I was meaning to buy the one enriched with pink grapefruit extracts because I love the scent! I’ve been a long time fan of Neutrogena cosmetics and skin care line so naturally, I went ahead and got me the grapefruit cleaner.

The scent is fabulous! This is a perfect way to start the morning because it’ll perk you up faster than a steaming cup of kapeng barako, haha! I also liked the self-foaming property of the cleanser, it saves time because you don’t need to do much to work it into a lather, obviously. After use, it left my skin squeaky clean which meant two things. One, it removed light make up completely and two, it can be drying so it’s best to slather on moisturizer right after cleansing.