Sweatin’ It

So for the past two weeks, I’ve been trying to shed all the pounds I gained from sheer katakawan laziness. I can’t say I lost a shitload of weight but I might have gotten rid of all the water weight, lol. I’ve started whipping my ass back to shape a week before this pic cropped up and I’m so fucking glad I started doing this again because my eyes cannot be assaulted with bad pics like this ever again (which is becoming quite often)!

So far, here’s week two. Obviously, I don’t know how to pose XD, especially in front of the mirror. This is moi a few minutes after jogging. Too bad you can’t see the relief on my face, hahahaha! In order to maintain a better shape, I’ve been using the unflattering pic as my main motivation (kung hindi pa obvious). My problem area is actually my chubby arms (as with all the women from my mother’s side), not my stomach, they make me appear heftier. Here’s to hoping I lose moar!!!