L’Oreal UV Perfect BB Max SPF 50

I’ve been searching high and low for a great BB cream with high SPF. Usually BB creams just hide blemishes, even out blotchy skin and not much else. But I saw L’Oreal newest offering, the UV Perfect BB Max with SPF 50 (!) and was instantly intrigued. At only PHP595 a pop, it’s relatively cheap so not much harm trying it out.

And tried it out I did. The consistency is creamy and spreads easily on the skin as long as you moisturized first. The cream’s color is two shades darker than my own skin color and I was a bit worried that this will be a problem but the counter girl told me it will adapt to my own skin color. I tried it the first time and was a bit disappointed that the coverage is very sheer, it didn’t even hide a couple of fading pimple marks on my jaw so I suppose I have to use this with a concealer. Granted, BB creams should not be used as foundation but some brands do offer BB creams with remarkable coverage. That would’ve been a nice extra as it eliminates the need to pile on more gunk on the face.

However, it did brighten my face and evened out my blotchy skin! My pores are barely noticeable and I achieved the illusion of great skin. Best of all, the high SPF offers ample sun protection, it’s fabulous! Because I rarely break out, a little pat of powder is all I needed to prep my skin for make up. Overall, despite my apprehension about it being a tad darker than my skin color and not giving enough coverage, I love it and I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I’d purchase this particular cream.