Dealing With Leeches

I have a friend/colleague who often talk to me about her relationship problems, particularly about the latest stunt her stupid ex is trying to pull. Recently, she sent me a message how the guy refuses to pay his debts (apparently she helped him pay his tuition fees which is weird because the guy’s pretty old) and even went as far as giving her stuff away to his new girlfriend (the “stuff” happen to be a couple of hand guns, they’re artists so they can get strange like that).

I can relate to this kind of shit, my ex owe me 25 grand. It’s been more than a year and even now, Β the debt remained unpaid even though he made a big deal about “keeping his word” about paying it. I should have known better, I saw the signs naman but since I felt sorry for him then, pinapautang ko against my better judgement.Β He used to go on and on about not having utang of any kind or how he does not “allow” people to help him financially even though he really needed it but it’s the same guy who would gladly let his friends spend their money on whatever they’re up to while he does not give anything, so knowing that, it’s hard to take him seriously.

I literally burst out laughing when he said “Your money will come soon”. I think we both known mauuna pa ang second coming ni Jesus Christ bago ako mababayaran, hahahaha! He never ever thought of paying then so my expectations were realistic naman.

I didn’t make any attempt to collect the cash since I know he’s as broke as a joke and, he’s practically surviving on friends’ charity. I suppose my friend’s ex and my ex are cut from the same cloth. I just feel bad for her though, she really couldn’t get her ex to pay up and I think, being a struggling painter, she needed the money real bad.

So boys and lalo na ang mga girls, wag magpa-utang ng malaki unless 1) kamag-anak mo or 2) the person’s practically dying or 3) may pambayad talaga. Don’t let anyone, especially a grown up man, treat you like an ATM πŸ™‚ If he got usable limbs, he can get a job.